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18th-Jan-2016 06:33 pm - Game of Cards!

Join gameofcards - a multi-fandom, team based, challenge community where you can participate in all sorts of writing challenges, games, memes, media challenges and other misc fun to earn points!

Pick your team; hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds!
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30th-Jun-2012 02:35 pm - About Paid Rooms Etc
I just wanted to make a note here to let you all know that due to some tight $ this month I've had to cancel our paid rooms for the hd_writers room and the srs_bzns room. I'm not sure when they are set to run out exactly but if you notice a difference in the rooms that is why. Of course, if one of you wants to pick that up a month or so, you are more than welcome to do that.

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2nd-May-2012 12:43 pm - Challenge yourself with co-writing!


Banner by wildflower4evr.

Signups are still open for our co-writing round of daisychain_drab!

Don't worry! There's still plenty of time! This round isn't due until June 15!

If you are considering this round but you don't have a partner to write with, just comment with what characters you are willing to write and we'll help you get paired up! <3

There are many different ways to co-write and all are acceptable for this challenge! Some authors each take a character to write. Some send a story back and forth, taking turns writing paragraphs. Some write in epistolary style. Some plot it out together and then one person does the primary writing. As long as you are working with another person to make the story happen, we will gladly accept it!
MOD // daisy
25th-Mar-2012 12:48 am - Comm Anniversary
Happy 1 year anniversary to chatzy_addict too!

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24th-Jan-2012 08:19 pm - Chat link change
New link to the original rp room:

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9th-Jan-2012 06:01 pm - HP Rare Fest
Please allow me to point you to hprarefest! An awesome new community/fest for HP rare pairs! Prompting starts later this month!

And, no I didn't do this one! LOL! I merely enabled and encouraged and advised! ^_~
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17th-Dec-2011 04:18 pm - Role Play! Join Us!

Here are a few notes about Chatzy Roleplay! And an invitation for all to join!

The original HP Roleplay Room is going strong!
We have setup chatzy_rp_verse- a new community to add some depth to the universe! Here's more INFO about it.


And some ideas of CHARACTERS WE NEED.

Today is the MINISTRY YULE BALL. Now would be a great time to introduce a new character!

Please come and join us!


Of course, there is also the HP_RP_FREE roleplay chatroom for other spontaneous roleplay not related to the current RP verse.
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11th-Dec-2011 06:01 pm - RP Anonymity?
I wondered what everyone's thoughts were on a 'player list' for the RP?

Would you like to have a list of charachters and who plays them? Or would you rather just have the character list and a bit of a description of how they fit into the game and thre players remain anonymous.

I 'think' most people already know who is who anyway, but I wanted to get a better consensus.
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8th-Dec-2011 07:28 pm - Roleplay Events?
What do you think of having roleplay events?
Setting a designated time and setting a specific scene for characters to join in?


-Marauders Hogwarts era Christmas Party (time travel students are welcome)
-Nextgen Potions class
-Hogwarts era field trip to Hogsmeade
-A game of truth or dare
-Yule Ball

If you have other ideas or thoughts, please leave them in comments! <3
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7th-Dec-2011 05:13 am - Chatzy Roleplay Update
In order to make roleplay more accessible to everyone, there is a new roleplay chat room: {hp_rp_free}.

The original {hp_roleplay} room has kind of created it's own little world with established characters and relationships. This new room is more for individual stories not set in an established world.

It's become difficult for new people to come in and fit into the RP world that has an established 'headcanon'.

So, to clarify, the new room should have less carry over of stories and relationships allowing the characters to be more free. Instead of one big universe, this will allow for more individual story lines (one-shots). It's more about just playing for the moment. Things that happen in the same day, week, etc didn't necesarily happen in the same universe and are not necesarily connected at all

Also, in order to allow different people to try out different characters, pairings and scenarios the new room should focus on switching of characters instead of players sticking to one character. That's not to mean that you can't ever play the same character, but please try to switch it up occasionally to give other players access to their favorite characters as well.

Chatzy Links:
hdwriters: Main Writer's Discussion Room for Everyone
srsbzns: Writer's Word War Room
hp_roleplay: Original Roleplay Room
hp_rp_free: New Free Universe Roleplay
Chatzy Rules and Guidelines
Chatzy Nicknames List
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